Houses of Worship

As an active church-goer, I understand the importance of Audio Visual elements to encourage active participation and to ensure all church members can be included in services and events. I also understand that churches are a body of people of all backgrounds, including professions, so it is my focus that we work with churches to minimise the spending of tithes and offerings and maximise value.

One way which differentiates SIDC from the competition is we look to use trades already in the church membership where possible to assist with installation and commissioning, again minimising the church financial outlay. We can be as hands on as you like; if you just want the supply of equipment with technical drawings and advice, we can assist. Just need commissioning of a solution, again no worries!

A big mistake I see commonly in houses of worship are incorrectly suited equipment being purchased by good-willed volunteers or staff who have some knowledge or previous experience with AV.  However it is crucial that checks and balances are in place to prevent this. We can sit down well in advance of any works and plan a scope and blueprint future technology pathways to ensure these mistakes are avoided .

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