Coronavirus Statement

During this unprecedented event, SIDC is taking the lead in preventing risks associated with travel between schools and businesses. We understand that schools are the arteries of society, and in a situation like this we need to ensure children are protected whilst enjoying their rights to an education.

Important Points

Restricting and / or Minimising the Need to Access Schools and Businesses Face to Face

SIDC has set up a new online Quote Request form which will allow schools and businesses to submit requests for quotations, with the ability to upload photos and / or documents. This is a measure we have introduced to manage the number of visits and the length of time we may require on site at schools, limiting your risk.

Check out our Quote Request page to submit your request

We are aware that we will need to access schools in some situations such as with deliveries, installations, servicing and for some quotation requirements.

  • SIDC will seek to minimise the amount of time we are interacting with staff.
  • We will not be conducting any labour or visits to classrooms whilst children are present.
  • We will seek to complete as much paperwork digitally before and / or after the access to site (such as WAAPs, etc)
  • As we deliver the vast majority of equipment to site directly, we will limit deliveries to a single visit where possible.
  • SIDC will be enacting stricter cleaning of equipment upon completion of installation. Where possible, we will be using disinfectant products on surfaces exposed to any direct touch.

Supply Chain Delays and School Holiday Stock Availabilities

Unfortunately, the Audio Visual industry as a whole is highly reliant upon China, Japan and South Korea for the vast majority of products supplied. As a result, we are highly vulnerable to supply chain delays.

As of 12 March 2020, there are some stock shortages appearing. SIDC would recommend that schools finalise their order requirements for the Easter Holidays at the earliest possible opportunity. Suppliers and Distributors are now restricting or preventing any forward orders / holds of stock. This means that it will be handed out in a first come, first serve basis.

Please ensure you come back to this page frequently. As more information becomes available and as the situation unfolds, we will be updating this page to keep you up to date.

If you need to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Cooper on 0490 826 152 or via